Safety Equipments

Safety Shower and Eye Wash

 The shower and Eye wash units be used where there is a danger to personal of being plashed or contaminated by harmful, vapours, acids and etc.

The most important features of AES CO. Safety shower as following:

- Easy and safety operation.

- Goods and Suitable material

- According to ANSI Z358.1.

- Uniform Pattern of water

Technical Specification: 

Type: Wall Mounted / Self Standing

Design Code: ANS 358.1

Stand Pipe Material: Galvanized Steel / Stainless Steel

Head Shower:Stainless Steel

Shower Valve: Brass

Handle: Galvanized Steel

Flow Rate for Shower: 115 LPM @ 2 bar g

Flow Rate for Eye Bath: 30 LPM @ 2 bar g 


Color: Green