Foam System

Firefighting foams are used in fixed and portable fire extinguishing systems. They are used primarily to combat flammable and combustible liquid fuel fires Aqueous foam solutions, created using foam concentrate mixed with water, are expanded with air to create foam. Foam is used to suppress liquid fuel vapors and cool the liquid surface.

Monitor Trailer

• Single axle Carbon Steel frame.

• Rigid axle in Carbon Steel material.

• Mechanical stationary brakes.

• Draw bar with towing ring in Carbon Steel material.

• 1000 liters foam tank in Carbon Steel material.

• Finish: red epoxy paint (RAL 3000).

• Maximum road velocity: 40 Km/h.

• Maximum flow rate: 3000 l/min.

• Maximum working pressure: 10 bar.

• Monitor elevation angle: +85° to 0°