Head Office

Jarf Company

Design and Engineering

The Design and Engineering Division of this company consists of two parts:

1. Fire Alarm and Fire and Gas Detection Systems

2. Fire Fighting Systems

Jarf Company

Sale Department

The Sales Division, having the knowledge of engineering, is divided into two parts:

 1. Local products sales services 

 2. European products sales services



Jarf Company

Research and Training Division

The experts and lecturers of this division, have years of experience in training Iranian engineers the design and engineering of Fire Protection systems.The training courses are professional with pre-defined syllabus in each and every system.


Jarf Company


Since 2012, AES Company has established a division for manufacturing several FireFighting equipment based on European standards in order to service the costumers in a more suitable manner.

Jarf Company

Clean Agent Filling Station

AES Has started its activities by constructing the gas filling station in Iran for the fire fighting gaseous which is UL Listed. This station is licensed to fill and refill clean agent like NOVEC1230, FM200 and HFC125 by offering scientific solutions and the most updated technology in order to save time and cost. With permanent supervision, our client will always guarantee the quantity and permanent availability with less cost and best quality services. 

New Products