Water System

 Water is the most widely used extinguishing agent because of its low cost and ready availability, relative to other liquids. However quite aside from cost and availability, water is superior to any other known liquid for fighting the majority of fires. The two most common means of applying water are by a solid stream or spray from a hose and spray from automatic sprinklers.

Pendent / Standart Response – Quick Response

  AZ005 / AZ006 Standard / Quick Response Pendent sprinklers are designed for

use in light and ordinary hazards. The temperature response is standard response (5 mm glass bulb) and quick

response (3mm glass bulb). The sprinklers come with compact design, glass bulb type, available in several different

finishes and temperature ratings. The pendent sprinklers must be installed in pendent position.

Pendent Recessed Sprinklers are installed with adjustable or non-adjustable Escutcheon plates (also termed as

Rosette plates). These are intended to be installed with finished ceilings. Escutcheon plate adjustment provides

convenience in Pendent Sprinkler installation in case of areas with finished ceilings or walls.